Selling A House As-Is: What You Need to Know


If you have a property you need to sell fast, your best option is selling the house 'as-is.' When you do an as-is home sale, you don't have to make any major repairs or do any cleaning to close. So if your home is a 'fixer-upper,' your best option is to contact cash buyers for a hassle-free way to sell your property. Here are a few scenarios when selling a house as-is that can help you quickly get more money in your pocket without additional hassle or cost.

Selling Houses in Disrepair or Structural Damage

Save time and money before you slap a fresh coat of paint on your home! Homeownership requires constant maintenance of all the home's components, from the foundation to the utilities. If your home has fallen into disrepair, there are options for a fast as-is sale. Regardless of what part of your property is damaged, interior or exterior, you will not be responsible for fixing them before you sell. Cash buyers will do an inspection report as part of the cash offer process, but you will not be required to make any upgrades before they make you an offer.

Hoarder Home

You can get a fair price for a home that's a hoarder situation. If you or a family member have accumulated too many belongings and you need to move, selling a house as-is is your best option to get rid of an unwanted property. You won't be responsible for purging belongings from the property before the closing process. If you were to use a traditional sale using real estate agents, you would have to tidy the property before listing for prospective buyers, costing you time and money.

Bad Tenants

If you own a house previously rented to tenants, you may be dealing with damage left over from renting out the property. As a result, potential buyers may be hesitant to buy a lived-in property with obvious signs of bad tenants. However, cash buyers see your home's market value and will make you an offer regardless of the home's condition.

Selling House As-Is: Accepting a Cash Offer

If you're in a scenario where you need to sell a damaged home fast, consider a low-hassle sale: Cash offers for 'as is' homes are fair market, and you'll have the money in your bank account in as little as seven days from consultation to closing. Selling your house and ready to receive an offer? Contact the Joe Homebuyer Utah Location team for your free quote today.