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This story begins a few years ago when Joe found himself at one of the major crossroads of his life. At that time, he was no longer inspired and fulfilled with a job that he had once felt extremely passionate about and knew it was time to make a change. The only problem was that he had no idea what his next step should be.

After spending most of his professional life in that previous industry, he had doubts and fears about whether or not he could be successful doing something else, let alone something he would LOVE to do for a career. As luck would have it, a close friend's company had an opening for a role that fit his skill set perfectly. After a grueling interview process, he was fortunate to win the position.

While working with this company, Joe had the opportunity to work directly hand in hand with the owners', Mark and Cody, two men with the highest character and most successful professionals in the real estate industry. Joe witnessed firsthand that the company mission statement of "Improving lives by delivering creative real estate solutions" was not just some tagline; it was an embodiment of the culture and daily actions of each individual in the company. We took pride in working more diligently than anyone to provide more value and do what we said we would. And don't just take Joe's word for it; there are countless reviews and testimonials from Joe's actual clients online.

Whether it be shipping a family's vehicle across the country after buying their house, helping an elderly man with no family or transportation, around town to find his next living situation or countless other small things like giving a grocery card to someone in a tight spot to help them get by. The objective for Joe always has and will always be to provide great service while doing the right thing. During these last couple of years, Joe learned up close and personal that he was not just buying people's homes, but that he was providing solutions, fresh starts, and relieving people of stresses and burdens that came with owning a property.

If you know Joe, you know that taking care of people, giving back, and positively influencing others around him means more to him than anything. Starting his own business was a perfect opportunity for Joe to expand upon the positive impact he could make for others. This business allows Joe to take his previous company's mission statement, which has been so important to him, and take it one step further by paying it forward to even more families in need.

This opportunity became possible through a strategic partnership with a close friend and business partner, Mike Ehinger. We discovered we were both committed to taking what we had learned and using it positively to impact people's lives. Learning from the industry's best and coupling that with the best of our abilities has allowed and will continue to allow us to help as many people as possible.

Our goals and values of generosity and providing value to our community aligned perfectly. We are confident there is nobody more committed than us to serving your family's needs when it comes to selling your property, and we hope you will give us a chance to "Improve your life by delivering creative real estate solutions" to you, in whatever way possible.

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